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Very good and convenient

I like the design white background and black letters that is so Simple that it doesnt distract from learning. There must be an update with hiragana and kana spelling included like: A-ta-ri あたり


Perfect for learning Kanji. I agree with Thymolblau that an addition of Latin letters to the Hiragana/Katakana letters would be great. A spoken pronounciation would be an icing on the cake. But the way it is right now its absolutely worth its money. Recommended!

Not bad

I think its not bad, but its not the right app for memorizing Kanji. But you can create your own Kanji lists and keep an overlook over the Kanjis you already learned. I think it depends on how you want to use it.

Simple, not too bad.

It would be nice if there were some example words for the level 1 and 2 as well, since that is what I am studying. It could really use some organization in the selection/deselection options menu. Organize the kanji by their readings? Or a lookup?


would be nice if the jouyou kanji list were to be added in addition to the jlpt lists and seperated by the grade theyre taught in

Now is Cool!!!

Oww! Now this app is COOL With all JLPT!!! I just holp that this company add more exemples (words) to the Kanjis And to this app be 110% Perfect, put stroke order on the kanjis to everybody, also, learn how to write the Kanji. But i RECOMEND this app! And o course, the price is cool too!!! Sorry my bad english :-)

Very well done

Nice piece of work. Very convenient to use , looks nice. I hesitate to ask for more, but a stroke animation, bookmarking function and this would be perfect. Thanks a lot.

Good and simple

Very good. Could be expanded to become a 5 star piece of software with a little work. But for the price this is a very good program for students studying kanji.

Do not hesitate

If you are serious about learning Kanji, do not hesitate to buy it, I already did. It has 2040 on 1st of Feb 2009. I hope it will have also a stroke line sequence to the side of the card and some way to make the navigation more easy like overview of the kanji as small icons then by click it it start from that Kanji.


I was hoping for a more interactive and interesting interface, buy I guess you get what you pay for, and ¥115 isnt much. After trying this one out, I went and got kanji flip and Japaneseflip, which I really like, and feel is far superior. . If you need something cheap, this might be for you, but if youre more serious about learning, try kanji flip.

It is time to learn more Kanji

It is great to have this app,it really helps..ありがとう! 倉石 りん


I just got this app today. 06/28/2009 It is junk. You cant write in kanji for a search unless you use chinese input on your phone and not Japanese input so you will be shown chinese kanji and not Japanese. There are Japanese only kanji and chinese only kanji out there. A study app can not get anymore baisic than this. 4 selection level 1 2 3 4 JLPT kanji lists. I reccomend any other app.

Nice for spending short free time

This app just fits short free time for kanji brush-up. If you are keen to brush up your kanji knowledge, then this app is for you. Howver, if you expect a more interactive app, please look for another one.

Crap App

I checked the screen shots for this App. It shows a Hand Written input to find Kanji. This is not part of the App. I contacted Lima Sky ( the App makers ) 3 times to ask them why they showed this very misleading screen shot. Alas no reply from them. Stick your App where the sun dont shine.

Its so bad aplication No writing

Not good

Waste of money for me The usage is pretty simple but u learn nothing but words and kanji. There are not examples of how to use the word or the kanji in other context. If u wanna learn for real, This app is not good. There is a better one for free out there


Basic and limited. Not terribly useful.

Out of date

Seriously buggy on iOS 9. Has not been updated since several iOS versions ago. So it still looks like an iPhone 3 or 4 app. Should be pulled or updated


Non riesco a trovare il modo per disegnare il kanji da cercare!!! I dont find drawing mode for kanji!!!

Nice App

I like this app. It does exactly what it claims to do. If you are studying for JLPT4--the easiest of the 4 Kanji tests for foreigners in Japan, this covers all the necessary symbols. There are several neat features. The kanji are displayed in large font at the top of the screen, there is a reading/meaning section below that, which is hidden until you touch it, and then there are examples of common usage below that. Additionally, you can choose which of the 103 kanji to practice by using a checklist in the information window. All in all, if you are studying for the aforementioned test, or if you are a beginner who wants to learn some kanji, this is a helpful program.

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